Enhance Your Body’s Natural Defences As Nature Intended

Amazon’s Best Herbal Medicinal Infusions To Stay Strong & Healthy

NaturisBar promotes natural, plant-based medicinal infusions, smoothies, and juices. Soaked and blended, we use organic Achiote, Sacha Inchi, Uña de Gato and Coca leaf combined with carbon filtered water (avoid food poisoning & traveler’s diarrhea), superfoods and spices like Quinoa, Maca, Muña to create products that are unrivaled in taste and healing benefits.

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Amazon’s Organic Juices

Drink Your Way to Healthy

Drink In Total Body Health

Our juices are made from fresh organic fruits, leafy greens, mineral rich roots, and medicinal plants ingredients with healing properties, and without refined sugar, instead we use estibia or lucuma natural sugar and carbon filtered water. Because they’re cold-pressed, we’re able to preserve their natural vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients, so you get the full cleansing benefits.

Staying Healthy While In Peru & Not Getting Sick?

Traveler’s Sickness

Tap Water

We have witnessed many travelers unknowingly drinking from the tap water and becoming seriously ill thereafter. Avoid ice, as it is almost always obtained directly from the tap, same for vegetables and fruits, avoid eating anything that has been pre-peeled. Open-air markets as well as high-end restaurants wash their vegetables and fruit supply in tap water.

Street Food

Street food in Peru food may make your mouth-water and might feel good going down, it does not feel quite as good coming out (sorry to be blunt). Peru food-carts do not take into account the same type of safety precautions as those in first world countries. Under cooked meat can infect a person with salmonella, a bacterial disease that infects the digestive tract.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness can be mild or serious can occur with a rapid incline from lower elevations from sea level to elevations over 11,000 feet such as Cusco and Machu Picchu make sure you load up on water, high-carbohydrate meals, and if you feel so inclined Naturisbar offers powerful medicinal plant-base drinks that can help lessen by 90% the effects.

Don’t Let Traveler’s Sickness Ruin Your Trip To Peru

A stopover at NaturisBar before exploring Cusco or heading to Machu Picchu could prevent, stop or reduce chances of getting altitude sickness, food poisoning & traveler’s diarrhea.

Aclimate Mood Energizer

A natural drink that helps hydrate & re-hydrate to prevent altitude sickness

Daily Metabolism Booster

A natural drink that will prevent and protect you against food poisoning

High Altitude Enhancer

A natural drink that helps
relieve the symptoms of altitude sickness

Super-Powered Detoxer

A natural drink that helps
you to stop tap water & food poisoning infections

Inca’s Sacred Plants

peru's coca leaf

Ancient Incas had a very close relationship with nature, specially with plants, some of these plants were used for sacred and ceremonial purposes, to explore the spirit world. The use of these plants derives from ancient traditions, whose members have traditionally sought access to the supranormal through the ingestion of the plants and their preparations. The use of these plants differs from contemporary religious practices in a key way. For while religious prayer, ritual and communion are engaged to propitiate god or gods, the use of sacred plants is intended to give the participant direct access to the divine experience. The difference is not slight but radical.

Sacred plants had been used for 1000’s of years by the Incas for healing purposes. Throughout history these plants have been employed to heal disorders of body, mind and spirit, and today a whole new emerging body of study is currently examining the healing properties of some of these plants.

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